An Effective Damp Proofing Cape Town Solution

Do you have any kind of damp issues within your home or office? If so, our recommended waterproofing company is available to tackle all the damp in the best way. Having been in the industry for over three decades, nobody understands root causes of damp and prevention strategies better than we do. Depending on the severity of the issue, our experts will implement a good eradication technology that will cure all the damp and prevent it from recurring. Our damp proofing Cape Town specialists begin by assessing the situation then implement an appropriate and long-lasting solution, that should completely remove the risk of any further damp problems.

Our transparent approach to work combined with the skillful nature of our qualified specialists make us the best damp proofing specialists in Cape Town. We take nothing to chance; our services are therefore comprehensive and include all the crucial stages such as survey, and cost estimation. Our ever-growing client base is an indication that our services are satisfactory. Do not hesitate, pick up your phone and call our technicians on 021 300 1877 for the best results.

Our offices are centrally located hence, we will always reach your home on time. In addition, our experts are familiar with the whole of Cape Town and they are not new to any of the routes. Excess water build-up because of inadequate drainage or a broken waterproofing membrane normally causes damp. Therefore, even if you have a minor roof leakage, you should have it attended to as soon as possible. If you want a full assessment of your home in order to depict any damp, we have the right equipment and personnel for the task. Saving your house from damp is as simple as calling 021 300 1877.

We treat different types of damp including rising damp, which is caused by inadequate drainage or roof insulation. Our damp control experts offer basement tanking and penetrating damp solutions at affordable prices. With our competitive prices and professional damp proofing contractors, there is no reason not to call Cape Town’s most effective commercial and domestic damp proofing services!

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