Don’t Overlook the Basement!


Building house, as you can expect, is no easy feat. However maintaining is the real challenge (though you can try some of these helpful suggestions). To keep your property as snug as possible it is important to pay attention to your basement. Have you noticed it leaks whenever it rains? Noticed some discolouration on the walls? Then it might be time you paid attention to your basement!

Sometimes we forget we have basement, given how little time we spend there. It’s generally just a place to store things. Yet the basement is an essential part of the home’s foundation and if you don’t look after it you’ll run the risk of causing serious damage to your property. At the first sign of dampness or water leaks its imperative to act quickly to prevent a small problem becoming a big one.

Clearly it’s an issue many of us overlook. So we’ve put together a little visual to remind you of the importance of waterproofing your property.

As you can see there’s a bunch of reasons to damp proof. It can save you on your energy bills by keeping your home cooler (a waterproofed property will reflect the sun’s rays). You’ll not only prevent the growth of mould and fungus – which can be harmful to your family’s health – but you’ll also prevent damage to the property which in turn will cause it to lose value.

So bottom line: keep an eye on your basement and if you see any problems arising get in touch with a qualified waterproofing contractor. Or better yet, stay ahead of the game and get your property damp proofed before any problems arise.

— Tony Botha