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Our Cape Town waterproofing contractors are available whenever you need us. We three decades of experience in providing quality services for residential, commercial and industrial properties, we’re the best company for all your roofing needs! As a licensed operatives we are versed in the best and latest techniques to safeguard your home or office from water damage. Call us now for a obligation-free and competitively price quote!

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Our roofing Cape Town team gives you everything you need to keep your property dry and safe. We pride ourselves on our first rate service, from initial inquiry through to the finished job. You can be assured that with our expert help your balcony or laundry or bathroom will be kept safe from damp problems, leaks and seepages. We’re available to work on every kind of roof, whether concrete, corrugated roof, lead, tile, slate, iron, shingle or flat.


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  • Roof Decks • Terraces & Balconies
  • Retaining walls • Rooftop Gardens
  • Every kinds of roofs • Garanges


Leading the Way in Waterproofing Technology

Although Cape Town is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, its particular climate can be difficult for property owners. Homes and buildings must be carefully safeguarded because of the region's regular rains and humid weather. Worry not: our Cape Town waterproofers can help with that. Our business is committed to offering top-notch services to keep houses dry and safe, and is at the forefront of modern waterproofing technology.

It is crucial to make sure that residences and buildings are adequately secured from water damage given the city's high rainfall and humid weather. A property's failure to be waterproofed could later require expensive repairs and upgrades, making it a costly mistake.

Our certified team is aware of the value of waterproofing and has established itself as one of the city's top companies with our damp-proofing services. In order to keep properties dry and safe, we ensure to utilize the latest materials and cutting-edge technologies.

Latest Waterproofing Techniques

Our accredited team of experts are committed to remaining abreast of the most recent methods and innovations. To make sure we are providing our clients with the finest available solutions, our Cape Town team is continually investigating and putting novel techniques to the test. Here are a few of the innovative methods we employ:

Liquid Applied Membranes

One of the newest and most efficient waterproofing methods is the use of liquid applied membranes. Using this technique, a seamless membrane is directly applied to the surface to create an entirely water-tight barrier. For flat or low-slope roofs, liquid applied membranes are perfect, and they are especially helpful in hard-to-reach places like balconies or terraces.

Thermal Spraying

Thermal spraying is a very efficient method for waterproofing concrete buildings. Using this technique, a barrier that is totally impervious to water is made by spraying a coating on the concrete's surface. For large projects, the thermal spraying method is a wonderful choice because it is quick and effective.

Basement Waterproofing

This is an important part of property upkeep. It is crucial to make sure that basements are adequately secured from water damage given the city's regular rainfall. To keep properties dry and safe, our waterproofing Cape Town team uses the most recent basement water sealing technology.

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Call our dedicated team immediately for superior waterproofing in Cape Town services. We are committed to offering premium waterproofing at a competitive price. To guarantee that we are giving our clients the greatest available solutions, our team of professionals is continually investigating and putting novel ideas to the test. Whether you need to safeguard a concrete building, a flat or low-slope roof, or a basement, we have the knowledge and competence to execute the job properly. In order to keep properties dry and safe, we use the best materials and cutting-edge techniques to give you the best value for your money. We are devoted to offering the residents of Cape Town the best services possible, and we do so with a team of professionals and a commitment to excellence.

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* Water resistance * Water sealing * Weatherproofing * Moisture protection * Damp proofing * Sealant application * Leak protection * Weather stripping * Rain protection.